Our menu offer

You can change the appetizer or main course, for it to the end of the list we show all our offer so you can make a menu to your liking. This list serves as a guide or sample.

Especially if you want Creek ceremony (wedding) and subsequent aperitif, this can serve at the creek or in one of our halls or terrace and can be added to any of the menus of this listing, we will be happy to advise you.

There are also menus in which all incoming and pica-pica are to share and serve as a first course.

In the case that your event is a communion, christening, birthday, corporate meeting or any other, you will find menus of great diversity in products and price, all with the guarantee of quality of Cana Sofia.

We have an extensive wine cellar of the best appellations of origin, both Spanish and European. 

30 years of experience behind us.

Below you will find more affordable and quality meals that can be used for any type of event whether is a wedding, baptism, communion or company dinner.

To these menus you can add a snack to be served at the creek after the ceremony and reception or on our terrace or upper room.

You will find a list of all options.