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CanaSofia Ibiza menu menu. The restaurant offers a studied mix of traditional-classic Mediterranean and Ibizan cuisine, updated 2020 classic cuisine, with paellas, rice with lobster, fresh island fish, seafood nursery, banda rice and Ibizan bullits, all of this added to the most current trends in creative and self-fusion cuisine.

Ca Na Sofia menu 2024 (PDF Format)


“Reasoned simplicity” is our motto. There are many years and a lot of experience, many fads, some fleeting and others temporary. As chef and manager of the Restaurant, our gastronomic offer adjusts to the environment, the closest product and what our thousands of customers demand each year. We are VERY CLEAR that the star of the restaurant is the customer and we always do everything possible to make them understand what they have on their plate and our offer.

We cook for clients NOT FOR CHEFS. Our cuisine, of high level and recognition, we can say that it is based on the closest product, KM 0, magnificent fish and seafood that we receive daily from our coast and treated in the most natural way possible, we have a display case facing the public . Likewise, the island of Ibiza produces great, high-quality garden products, as well as oils, without forgetting lamb and many other products, which we always have on our menu. Reasoned simplicity does not mean SIMPLICITY or VULGARITY, we reason. techniques to use to adapt them or find an objective on the plate, not that the technique itself is the plate. Looking for the most SNOB product or technique, even if it is from the other part of the world, does not mean, in the least, CREATIVITY.

The kitchen team, with Ferran Cañadas as the new head chef, and in our offer, we have the TASTING MENU, where we give “free rein” to creativity with our feet on the ground, with the product as a guide and the technique that It is necessary to search for the final objective of the dish with the sole idea of surprising the customer, not of CONFUSING THEM with inexplicable dishes. For us, both in the dining room and in the kitchen, we try to give a vision of the contemporary gastronomic Ibiza of the 21st century. We understand that there has been an “involution” in the kitchen, perhaps one or two “reversals” in the search or recovery of dishes. “understandable” for the client, and above all in that the product is the authentic protagonist, without neglecting the technique that is necessary to give greater prominence and improve, if possible, the product. Cana Sofia also belongs to the “SABORS IBIZA” brand and participates in countless events promoting all types of gastronomy in Ibiza, whether classic, contemporary or signature cuisine. The room, customer service is our premise and we can talk already from the “author room”. We receive clients from all over the world and several of our senior managers and/or Maitre/head of the room speak 5-6 languages. Javier Machado, 45 and 54 years old, has extensive experience at an international level. .


We take another step in search of excellence. Outstanding quality-price ratio. Wide range of Mediterranean and Ibizan cuisine, as well as international and signature cuisine for all budgets.



Economic dish of the day. Special dish for days and special dishes for holidays and weekends. A selection to enjoy with us every day of the week.



A perfect selection of hot/cold appetizers and starters to start enjoying from the moment we sit down at the table. Because the important thing is to enjoy.



An extensive menu of specialties to enjoy the flavors of Ibiza with international touches. With a special Chef’s menu where you can enjoy a complete gastronomic tasting menu.


Discover our wine list, A select wine list, according to the most refined palates. More than 80 references of the best national and international designations of origin.

Spain is a country that is among the best wine producers in the world, if not the best. The variety of its climate and different territories means that we have a great variety, without a doubt, with an unbeatable quality-price ratio. At Ca Na Sofia we have made a selection of what we believe is the best of each Denomination of Origin. We have also selected wines from our neighboring countries such as Italy and France. You can be sure that any wine on this list is of proven quality and is the result of great study.

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At Cana Sofia the most important thing is HUMAN CAPITAL, our staff of professionals is undoubtedly one of the best in Ibiza. Directed by Moises Machado, with a career of more than 35 years in restaurants in Spain and Europe, best chef in the Balearic Islands in 2008 and 2010, representative of the Balearic Islands twice in the Spanish Chefs Championship, Master Chef for the Brotherhood of Good Yantar, Member by ChefÎn Baleares, Delegate of Eurotoques in Ibiza, Delegate of ASCAIB in Ibiza.

The head of the kitchen is headed by Ferran Cañadas, 34 years old. The total number of staff in the kitchen, with other outstanding chefs, reaches 10 people in the middle of the season. The head of the dining room is held by Javier Machado, along with Giorgia Barracola and Sofia Mari, wife of Moises and Javier Relancio in the beach-bar. The room staff, which also includes multilingual senior managers, reaches 10 people.


Experts in any type of events: Weddings, baptisms, birthdays... What is your dream?

Many years and passion dedicated to celebrating weddings on the seafront, next to the sunset, have shown us that celebrating that special day at the Ca Na Sofia Restaurant becomes something exceptionally special that you will never forget.

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