The best lobster paella in Ibiza

We don’t say it, we are not so pretentious.

It is the recognition of our work and our cuisine that was rewarded at the III PeixNostrum Lobster, Prawn and Fish Fair of Ibiza as the best lobster paella in Ibiza.

At the restaurant we are very happy with this award, since it is recognition from the local public of our gastronomic proposal, which we summarize in two words: “reasoned simplicity.”

From here we want to thank the organization, headed by the Sant Antoni de Portmany Town Hall, Peix Nostrum and everyone who makes these fairs possible for the promotion of local products.

Also thank all of you who have come to our stand to try the lobster paella and the different tapas that we have prepared, and the team at the #CanaSofía #restaurant for the great work done.

To celebrate and taste our lobster paella (exceptionally this spring) we will have lobster and red prawn paella from Ibiza every Saturday and Sunday at a special price of €25 per person, as our special dish of the day.

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