The paella

Every teacher has his or her own book, as the saying goes, and only after more than 30 years of experience and thousands of paellas, I dare to give you some advice.

There are thousands of paella recipes so preparing the one we like the most will not be the problem, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, mixed, a banda, brothy.

The recipes are very good but they always forget the most important thing: THE FIRE, and I don’t mean that you have to have a fire extinguisher nearby, ha ha ha.

To think that paellas were already made when there were no gas fires, so comfortable and adjustable, and especially they were made in the countryside or on a wood fire. There I go, fine firewood, shoots, vine or almond firewood was always used. The reason is that this firewood burns very strongly at first with a live fire and soon runs out.

Always keep that in mind, first the fire must occupy the maximum surface area of the paella and to start the sauce it must be strong so when the ingredients are sealed, lower the heat.

All foods contain “sugars” and in cooking there is the “maillard” effect that occurs when these sugars begin to “stick” to the paella, this is what is normally known as “deglazing”, this is of VITAL importance for a good paella. . Ingredients must be added to the paella to achieve humidity and PLAY WITH THE FIRE, a good stir-fry is the secret of a movie paella.

Use a square slotted spoon, with a flat tip to remove everything that is stuck, especially when you add the rice, always before the broth or stock. It is important that the rice is sautéed for at least 2 minutes, the pores will close and it will be looser and more flavorful. At this moment the paella will need high heat again, distribute the rice well, because you don’t have to touch it anymore, keep it on high heat for 4 or 5 minutes, and then turn it to minimum, if it can be covered, I remind you that the heat It must occupy the maximum possible surface area of the paella pan.

To finish, if you like to add minced meat (I put it before the broth) simply make it with garlic, parsley and water, finely chopped in a food processor.

Well, I hope it is useful to you and you will tell me. All the best.

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